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Jessica was very effective in helping our son Victor make progress with his language development. Victor was raised in a three-language environment, and at 28 months he had a simple vocabulary (mainly in English), but was not making eye contact, and was not using language to communicate. 


In less than a year, Jessica and her associate helped Victor advance to much improved interaction, forming simple sentences, answering questions, and being able to use language to express his needs. As part of this, Victor was also tested with standardized tests, which showed significant progress.


We were very happy to work with Jessica and would recommend her warmly."

Mihai Stroe, Father of Victor

My son Zach started with speech therapy when he was just 18 months and we moved to Switzerland when he was 7 years old.  The school had given me pages of referrals to read through and to contact.  Moving to another country was really hard, but we were so thankful to have come across Jessica's name.  Jessica is so professional, organized and wonderful with the kids.  She worked with Zach for a year and a half and was able to get him over the finish line to no longer need any more speech therapy.  Jessica was very good at working with our family's schedule to get Zach in for his speech therapy sessions.  We would get detailed reports of Zach's progression and goals for him on a regular basis.   She also would work with the teachers at his school if there was a need.  I think the best thing I can add was that our son looked forward to meeting with Jessica on a weekly basis.  She made speech therapy fun, which is really hard on a busy little boy who had been doing this for so long.  We really can't thank Jessica enough for all she had done for Zach and how much we all enjoyed getting to know her too.

Debbie Chermark, Mother of Zach

Marcin B., Google Zurich

We moved to Switzerland when my son Omar was three and a half years old. Starting to speak three languages all at once caused him to stammer and stutter. At the beginning it wasn’t that bad but it kept increasing to the extent that I could see the veins in his neck popping out while he struggled to utter a word. That’s when we started seeing Jessica. She has such a warm and sweet personality that made Omar love her and enjoy his therapy sessions. She is super helpful, professional and friendly. Jessica also used a smart way to keep Omar engaged by playing games with him which made therapy a fun time for him too. She was able to help Omar slowly and patiently to overcome his speech problems and we are thankful to have had her as his therapist.

Marwa Rabie, Mother of Omar


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