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Multiple therapies are offered, but each will follow similar guidelines. Therapy for children will consist of an optional screening, evaluation, and treatment sessions. Accent reduction will only consist of an evaluation and treatment sessions. Treatment session times and recurrence may vary depending on the severity of the disorder and the intensity of therapy desired by the individual.

Speech & Languge Servies


A screening is used to compare a child's articulation and language skills to that of same-aged peers. If a child's communication skills appear lower than the average child of his or her age, an evaluation should be conducted. It only takes about 15 minutes to screen one child.



For children, an evaluation is an in-depth assessment of the child's speech and language skills and determines the type and severity of the suspected disorder. The child's skills will be evaluated using standardized assessment measures, informal observations, language sampling, and parent observations.



Based on the results of the evaluation, a therapy program and recommendations for frequency of therapy will be made for each individual. Generally, therapy occurs one or two times per week depending on the severity of the communication disorder. Therapy sessions should be as uniques as each person receiving therapy and aim to always be engaging.



While speech disorders are easier to recognize because students may have "funny speech" or obviously make the wrong sound for a given word, language disorders can be trickier to recognize. Both disorders may negatively impact students' academic performances and may manifest as difficulty with vocabulary, spelling and reading. Generally, the sooner speech or language disorders are identified, the more success students will have.

Articulation, language and fluency (stuttering) are briefly assessed when conducting a screening. Generally, it takes about 15 minutes to screen one child. Once all of the children have been screened, a brief summary of findings and further recommendations for students suspected of having a speech and/or language disorder are made. All screenings can be conducted over the course of a day or over several days depending on the size and preference of the school.

School-wide Screenings

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